Chicken feed price in pakistan

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 Chicken feed price in pakistan|poultry feed prices in pakistan


ذیل میں مرغیوں کی فیڈ کا سارے برانڈز کا قیمت دیگئ ہے لیکن قیمت دیکھنے سے پہلے اپکو اس مضمون میں کچھ ضروری باتیں بتائ گئ ہے۔

مرغیوں کی نشوونما کے لیے مرغیوں کی فیڈ بہت ضروری  چیز ہے۔ غذائی اجزاء کے صحیح مرکب سے، مرعی تیز رفتاری سے انڈے بڑھا اور پیدا کرسکتا ہے۔ مختلف ملکوں میں ان کی طلب اور خام مال کی دستیابی کے مطابق مختلف قیمتیں ہیں۔

 پاکستان میں موجودہ قیمت ذیل میں دیا گیا ہے فی بیگ ہے کی قیمت بھی ظاہر کیا ہے اور پر کلوگرام کا بھی ظاہر ہے

 پولٹری فیڈ کی قیمتوں کا تعین صرف سورسنگ، پروسیسنگ، ذخیرہ اندوزی اور نقل و حمل سے متعلق اخراجات سے نہیں بلکہ قلت اور رسد کی قلت سے بھی ہوسکتا ہے۔

Poultry feed is vital for the development of chickens. With a right mix of nutrients, the animal can grow and produce eggs at an accelerated rate. Different countries have different prices according to their demand and availability of raw materials.

The current price in Pakistan is Rs.8.50 per

Poultry feed prices are not just determined by the costs related to sourcing, processing, storage and transportation but also by scarcity and supply shortages.

Poultry feed is the most important requirement for a chicken farmer. It ensures that the chickens grow quickly and healthy.

In Pakistan there are multiple poultry feed mills or companies which provide this service at different rates. This article often provides information about the poultry feed price in Pakistan and also provides today prices for each bag of chicken feed.

Chicken feed price in pakistan|poultry feed prices in pakistan 2022

Feed NumberPoultry Feed TypesPrice of Feed per 50 Kg bag
18.Pre Breeder Crumbs.3,425/3,475
19.Breeder Crumbs,3,425/3,520
11.Layer Starter Chicks. Crumbs.3,250/3,300
12.Layer Grower Crumbs.3,250/3,315
13.Layer Crumbs.3,185/3,350
13-S.Layer Cage Crumbs.3,200/3,300
14.Broiler Pre Starter Crumbs3,550/3,650
15.Broiler Finisher Crumbs.3,600/3,700
14-S.Broiler Pre Starter Crumbs (Control.3,690/3,720
14-S1.Broiler Grower Crumbs (Control.3,625/3,700
14-S2.Broiler Finisher Crumbs (Control.3,610/3,650
14-S2 M.Broiler Finisher Crumbs (Medicated.3,675/3,700
14-S3 M.Broiler Finisher Crumbs.3,675/3,710
16Breeder Starter Crumb.3,425/3,500

Poultry feed is a combination of grains, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are used in raising chickens or other poultry.

Pakistan has a number of poultry farmers and it is estimated that they have around 2 million chicken farms. Poultry feed price per bag in Pakistan varies from Rs 2800 to Rs 3000

Poultry feed is a key input for poultry farming.

Poultry feed price in Pakistan has increased by more than 50% since 2016 and is projected to grow by more than 10% in 2022.

The chicken feed per bag rates depend on the different types of feed that are available and most probably on the preference of the poultry farmer.

The cost of poultry feed is Rs. 8.94 per kg in Pakistan, and the prices are likely to go up with time due to the increased demand fort  poultry products in the country.

Major Chicken feed Brands in Pakistan:

  1. Asia Poultry Feeds
  2. Crystal feeds Industry
  3. Shabbir Feed Mills
  4. Jadeed Feeds
  5. Chaudhry Feeds
  6. JSK Feeds

Poultry feed is necessary for the quick growth of chicken. In Pakistan there are multiple poultry feed mills or companies which provide poultry feed at a low price. A bag of chicken feed should cost around PKR 250.

Poultry Feed is a key input and a major cost item in poultry production. The availability of quality feed at competitive prices and in adequate quantities, with the right composition and nutrients, is the key to healthy growth of poultry animals.

The Global Poultry & Feed Market.

 research report includes the overview of Poultry feed market alongside market forecasts and analysis for all major regions such as North America (United States, Canada), Europe (France, Germany, Italy), Asia-Pacific (China, India), Latin America (Argentina, Brazil) and Middle East & Africa

Poultry feed is the most important part of the poultry production. The price of a bag may vary depending on the quality, volume included in a bag, and market demand.

The price per bag will be changed as time passes due to change in market prices. This table shows the current prices for major poultry feeds available in Pakistan.


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