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concrete block sizes UK | What is the Best Concrete Block Size in the UK

Concrete Blocks – What Exactly Are They?

Concrete blocks are a type of building block that is commonly used in construction. They are made of concrete and come in different sizes.

The size of the concrete blocks depends on the type of construction project that they will be used for. The size can range from 8 inches to 16 inches, depending on the needs of the project.

The material used to make concrete blocks is usually cement, water, and sand.

Different Types of Concrete Blocks Available

There are many types of concrete blocks available and each has its own benefits. The most popular ones are hollow blocks, solid blocks, and cellular blocks.

Hollow Blocks: Hollow blocks are lighter than the other two types of concrete blocks. They also have a lower thermal mass which means they can cool faster when it gets hot outside. They are also cheaper than the other two types because they are made out of less material. However, they do not provide as much insulation as solid or cellular concrete blocks so you might need to use more expensive heating systems.

Cellular Blocks: Cellular Blocks are similar to hollow blocks in that they provide less insulation than solid concrete blocks but these have a higher thermal mass which means that they will stay cooler longer when it is hot outside. These also come in a variety

concrete block sizes in the UK block size

Concrete blocks are generally made of concrete, sand, and gravel, and are used as a building material. They are generally made in three standard sizes: 300mm, 400mm, and 600mm.

75mm x 440mm x 215mm 7N/mm² Dense Concrete Block
100mm x 440mm x 215mm 7N/mm² Dense Concrete Block
140mm x 440mm x 215mm 7N/mm² Dense Concrete Block
100mm x 440mm x 215mm 7N/mm² Medium Density Concrete Block
215mm x 440mm x 215mm 7N/mm² Hollow Concrete Block
100mm x 215mm x 65mm 22N/mm² Concrete Commons
140mm x 215mm x 65mm 22N/mm² Concrete Commons

Different Uses for Concrete Blocks Today

Concrete blocks are good building materials for many reasons. They are inexpensive, durable, and come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

One of the most popular uses for concrete blocks is as a form of low-cost housing. This is because they are easy to construct and can be used to make homes with modern amenities like electricity and plumbing.

Concrete blocks are also often used by schools to build new classrooms or renovate existing ones.

How to Install a Different Type of Concrete Block Wall at Home

Installing a concrete block wall is a very simple and straightforward process.

The first step is to get the tools needed for the job. You will need a hammer, a tape measure, and a level. You will also need some cinderblocks and mortar.

The second step is to lay out the blocks on the ground in their desired pattern so that you can measure them accurately before you start building it. The third step is to mix up some mortar and use it to fill in any gaps between blocks that are not filled by mortar as well as any holes or cracks in the wall where you want it to be stronger. The fourth step is to attach all of your blocks together with one by one with your level and your tape measure keeping them aligned at all times with your level so that they are straight.

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