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The prices of steel chokhat square per kg in Pakistan or the rate of iron sheed depends on several factors such as brand and gauge type of steel iron sheet. Square is an essential component in the construction of buildings. Steel sheet in Pakistan is the term used for iron sheet chokhat, the rate of steel chokhat in Pakistan changes almost every day. It is usually sold at the rate of squares per kg.
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Steel iron range comes in different gauges like 14 gauge and 16 gauge 18 gauge 20 gauge. The iron r which is very strong and mostly used in the building door frame is 14 gauge. The rate of steel chokhat varies according to the scale and steel company. Here in this post, we provide the steel chokhat rate today.

door frame rate in Pakistan is increasing day by day as the construction industry has now significantly increased. It is used on the basis of door frames as well as houses or buildings.

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Door frame.

If we talk about its strength ۔

 The steel frame does not get damaged by water.

the frame does not catch the zange.

if you Steel chokhat a good craftsman make from.  so good for a lifetime because it won’t spoil quickly. It has different types of gauges .as 14 gauge 16 gauge 18 gauge 20 gauge 22 gauge 24 gauge. the gauge beyond that sheet gets thinner. he is not used in the frame

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Iron chokhat price| chokhat price in Pakistan

Gauge seize.Chokhat size.PriceWall thickness
14Size.3×7Price.8600Wall. size.9” inch
16Size.3×7Price.7750Wall. size.9” inch
18Size.3×7Price.5780Wall. size.9” inch
20Size.3×7Price.4760Wall. size.9” inch

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No (2) wall size  (4″) inches

Gauge size.Chokhat size.PriceWall thickness.
14Size.3×7Price.6800Wall. size.4” inch
16Size.3×7Price.5950Wall. size.4” inch
18Size.3×7Price.4080Wall. size.4” inch
20Size.3×7Price.3400Wall. size.” inch
22Size.3×7Price.2040Wall. size.4inch

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No (3) wall size  (9″) inches

Gauge size.Chokhat size.PriceWall thickness.
14Size.3.5×8Price.9750Wall. size.9” inch
16Size.3.5×8Price.8775Wall. size.9” inch
18Size.3.5×8Price.6630Wall. size.9” inch
20Size.3.5×8Price.5460Wall. size.9” inch
22Size.3.5×8Price.4000Wall. size.9” Inch

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No (4) wall size  (4″) inches

Gauge size.Chokhat size.PriceWall thickness.
14Size.3.5×8Price.7800Wall. size.4” Inch
16Size.3.5×8Price.6825Wall. size.4” inch
18Size.3.5×8Price.4680Wall. size.4” inch
20Size.3.5×8Price.3900Wall. size.4” Inch
22Size.3.5×8Price.2590Wall. size.4” Inch

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No (5) wall size  (9″) inches

Gauge size.Chokhat size.PriceWall thickness.
14Size.2.5×7Price.7425Wall. size.9” Inch
16Size.2.5×7Price.6600Wall. size.9” Inch
18Size.2.5×7Price.5600Wall. size.9” inch
20Size.2.5×7Price.4620Wall. size.9” inch
22Size.2.5×7Price.3300Wall. size.9” inch

No (6) wall size  (4″) inches

Gauge size.Chokhat size.PriceWall thickness.
14Size.2.5×7Price.6600Wall. size.4” Inch
16Size.2.5×7Price.5610Wall. size.4” Inch
18Size.2.5×7Price.3960Wall. size.4” Inch
20Size.2.5×7Price.3100Wall. size.4” Inch
22Size.2.5×7Price.2000Wall. size.4” Inches

This is chisty sheets weight and per feet and per kg.

GuageM .mWeit in kg 3ft 8fPar rft 3ft×1ftWeit kg 4ft×8ftPar rft 4ft×1ft

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Benefits of the steel door frame

The major benefit of building a steel chokhat is that it is durable. Steel chokhat can last for more than a hundred years, even if left exposed to the elements. Other materials that are used in building gates such as wood and fiberglass are susceptible to rotting in no time at all. Also, the maintenance cost for a steel gate is lower compared to other types of gates.

steel chokhat price

Disclaimer Note

These are the prices of chokhat. All prices are taken from the market. These may differ from the invoice price or company rates. We do not sell chokhat. we just provide a price. information for the user. So buy from the market on your own.


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