iron pipe price in Lahore | iron pipe price in Pakistan

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There are many different types of stainless steel pipes. The most common one is the seamless pipe. This is used for fluid and gas transmission. It can be used for water supply networks, air-conditioning, heating, and food processing systems. Welded pipes are also common in industry and agriculture applications.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and has a long lifespan. It is also non-toxic and doesn’t produce harmful chemicals when it comes into contact with materials or organisms that are being transported through it.

This makes it safe to work with as well as environmentally friendly – unlike other metals such as copper or lead that can contaminate water sources when they’re exposed to surface water or groundwater.

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iron pipe price in lahore


Stainless steel pipes are suitable for many applications. They offer various advantages and disadvantages.

There are more than 200 grades of stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel pipes are used in the manufacturing of boilers, tanks, and vessels and in the process of food preparation, such as in meatpacking plants or breweries.

Stainless steel pipes are made from a type of steel with chromium or nickel added to make them resistant to rust.

The reason for stainless steel pipes is because they can be made in different shapes and sizes and can also be used in many industries like food, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and water.

They are strong enough to withstand heavy loads that other materials cannot. Stainless steel pipes have good resistance to corrosion making them less prone to damage than other materials such as iron.

The disadvantage of stainless steel pipes is that they are expensive but their main advantage is that they do not require regular maintenance like other materials used for piping systems. The disadvantages of the use of stainless steel pipe versus its advantages will depend on various factors such as usage, cost-effectiveness, availability

what is a steel pipe

Stainless steel pipes are one of the most popular types of pipes in today’s plumbing stainless steel pipe grade 201 is austenitic stainless steel and is mainly used in the chemical industry. Stainless steel pipe grade 304 is martensitic stainless steel and is mainly used in the food industry. –

— world. They are corrosion-resistant, cost-efficient, and have several other benefits. Stainless steel pipes have been in use for a while now and they have seen an increase in popularity due to a number of factors including their longevity and affordability among others.

iron pipe price in Lahore | iron pipe price in Pakistan

Stainless steel nameweightPrice per kg
Ms steel pipeOne kgRs.230
GI steel  pipeOne kgRs.270
Pipe Fittings (MS, GI1kgRs.200
GOAL PIPE 1*5/81kgRs.250

Stainless steel is also one of the newest types of pipe materials that are gaining popularity in homes today because they do not corrode or rust easily. For example, if you clean stainless steel with hot water alone, it will not cause any noticeable damage or change its appearance after prolonged periods. Moreover, when compared to other pipe materials such as copper or cast iron, it is cheaper but still offers a similar level of durability which means that one can save money on repairs

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stainless steel pipes use.

Pipes are the most basic part of your plumbing system and eventually, the quality of your water will depend on the quality of pipes you use.

Steel pipes are made of metal, but there are various types of steel pipe materials.

The common types of stainless steel pipes are:

Stainless screws have a variety of uses such as in auto manufacturing and food processing. They can be used where there is a need for an anti-corrosive metal.

Stainless steel pipe grade 201 is austenitic stainless steel and is mainly used in the chemical industry. Stainless steel pipe grade 304 is martensitic stainless steel and is mainly used in the food industry. –

Stainless steel is a metal that does not react to the environment and has good resistance to corrosion. It can be used for pipes that are installed underground, in coastal areas, and in other places with a higher risk of corrosion.


We should use stainless steel pipes to avoid corrosion and corrosive agents.

The introduction should be about the merits of stainless steel pipes.

Stainless steel pipe uses are endless and they have become the mainstay of many industries. They are very durable and do not corrode or rust. They are also available in a variety of grades, so they can be used for a wide range of applications.

Stainless steel pipes have a lot to offer – they are durable, corrosion-resistant, and come in many different grades. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits that these pipes can offer you!

We hope that this article helped you learn about different types of stainless steel pipes. If you still have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

GI pipes of all grades (M, L2, EL, EEL, EEEL) and all sizes(from 1/2″ – 8″) are available. The price of pipes will be charged.


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