pakistan marble price list – 2023

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This post will guide you about all marble rates. After reading this post you will know the rate of each type of marble.

Pakistan is famous for its high-quality marble production. The price of marble in Pakistan varies based on the type, quality, and availability of the stone. Some of the most common types of marble found in Pakistan include:

  1. white marble
  2. black marble
  3. green marble
  4. pink marble

The price of each type of marble can range from as low as 50 PKR per square foot to as high as 1000 PKR per square foot or more. The final price also depends on the size, thickness, and finishing of the marble.

It is recommended to get quotes from multiple suppliers and to inspect the marble in person before making a purchase to ensure that you get the best quality marble at a fair price.

pakistan marble price list

Marble TypeMarble Price list per square feetUpdated On
BadalRs. 406th February 2023
TaveraRs. 506th February 2023
FlowerRs. 596th February 2023
Sunny GreyRs. 456th February 2023
Sunny WhiteRs. 656th February 2023
ZebraRs. 506th February 2023
Ziarat GreyRs. 656th February 2023
Black GraniteRs. 5006th February 2023
China VeronaRs. 706th February 2023
Black galaxyRs. 11506th February 2023
Botticino (boticina)Rs. 986th February 2023
Silky BlackRs. 656th February 2023
Tropical GreyRs. 2706th February 2023

We have taken some price from this website. price index

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