Plastic chair set price in pakistan: price updated 2023

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Plastic chair set price in pakistan

The demand for plastic chair set is on the rise in Pakistan due to their low prices. The price of a plastic chair set ranges from Rs. 1100 to Rs. 5000 in Pakistan.

The main reason for the high demand for plastic chairs is that they are easy to clean and maintain, and are not as expensive as other types of chairs.

Plastic furniture has become a popular choice in recent years due to its low cost, durability, and ease of cleaning. Plastic furniture is made with different materials like polypropylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and polycarbonate (PC). Polypropylene has a natural feel and look which makes it the most popular option for plastic furniture manufacturers. Its durability allows it to be used outdoors or indoors which makes

Furniture is an essential part of our lives. It is a necessity that we use every day to complete our daily tasks. We need furniture for our homes, offices, and even for the public spaces, we frequent.

Pakistan has a diverse range of furniture items available in the market. There are various online stores that sell new and used furniture in Pakistan. These stores have a wide variety of products such as kitchen cabinets, living room sofas, bedroom sets, office chairs, and desks among others.

Pakistan’s Top Home Furnishings Retailers & Brands 2022

plastic chair set price in Pakistan top home furnishings retailers and brands 2022

Pakistan is one of the most rapidly developing countries in the world. It has a population of 207.8 million people and its GDP is USD 1.17 trillion.

Pakistani people are increasingly becoming more affluent and they are spending more on home furnishings, beauty products, and other consumer goods.

The Pakistani economy is dominated by the services sector which contributes 60% to the GDP while the manufacturing sector contributes 14%. Pakistan’s top home furnishings retailers & brands in 2022 are listed below:

Plastic chair set price in Pakistan | plastic chair table set price in Pakistan | boss plastic chair table price in pakistan

Set Of 6 Plastic Chairs and Plastic Table – Grey
Set Of 4 New Relaxo Plastic Chairs indoor/ outdoor chairs And Plastic steel Table – Brown
Rattan Plastic Garden indoor/outdoor Chairs & 1 Heavy-Duty Folding Table Set of
Plastic Chairs Classic Rattan Design Home Furniture Plastic Chairs And Table Garden, Indoor and Outdoor.

Conclusion: The Best Place To Buy Quality Furniture Online In Pakistan

It is not always easy to find a good place to buy quality furniture online in Pakistan. We have found the best place and we hope that you will be able to find something that you like.

The best place to buy quality furniture online in Pakistan is at This online store has a wide range of products and they are all affordable. is a great choice for people who want affordable, quality furniture but don’t want the hassle of going from one store to another looking for it.


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