today copper rate in Pakistan per kg

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Most people in Pakistan ask about caper prices by weight or price per kilogram. The motor winding is done after selecting the required copper gauge wire in mm. This page shows the copper price per kg in Pakistan in 2023. Because it is a very efficient conductor of electricity, copper is used in electrical wires. Copper wire is essential for the operation of electrical appliances in the home. Copper winding electric motors have good working efficiency. Wires of this metal are always preferred for use in commercial and residential wiring. Copper leaf or کاپرکا ریٹ are other regional names used for the copper metal in Pakistan.

What is copper rate today in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a significant producer of copper, with the metal being extracted from several mines across the country. The price of copper in Pakistan varies based on the international market price, local demand, and supply.

As of my training data cut off, the average price of copper in Pakistan was around 1400 PKR per kilogram. However, the price can fluctuate greatly depending on the state of the global copper market.

It’s important to note that the price of copper can also vary based on the grade and quality of the metal, as well as the form in which it is being sold (e.g. wire, sheet, rod, etc.).

It is recommended to get quotes from multiple suppliers and to check the current international copper market price to ensure that you get the best deal when purchasing copper in Pakistan.

today copper rate in pakistan per kg – کا پرکا ریٹ

New2300-2500 Pkr
Scrap1500 Pkr
Copper per 1 OunceRs 676th February 2023

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