ceramic tiles price in Pakistan

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The price of floor tiles in Pakistan can vary based on factors like tile type, size, material and design. According to my information in September 2023, the price range of standard ceramic tiles in Pakistan was around Rs 50-150 per sq ft, and the price per sq starts from Rs 1000 And goes up to 4000 while high-end tiles like porcelain or marble. 200-1000 rupees or more. . per square foot is more than square feet. However, it is important to note that prices change from day to day and may vary depending on the location and availability of the tiles. But don’t worry I update the rate on this website. Shabbir Tiles 24×24 Price

master tile price in Pakistan

ceramic tiles price in Pakistan

Tiles TypeSizePrice
Stile EXL-025 Brown.10″x 20″Rs. 2456
Stile EXL-016 Grey.10″x 20″Rs. 2456
Ceramic L4218 Glossy Tiles.17ft by 17ftRs. 2500
Stile Modish Collection GM-005.24×24 inchesRs. 2736
Stile Modish Collection GM-00524×24 inches (2x2ft) PorcelainRs.20,700
Stile M-008 (1.08) Dark Grey.12×24 MTRs.27,00

How much one tile cost in Pakistan?

How much does a tile cost in Pakistan? The price of the tile depends on the quality of the tile. What kind of tile do you want to buy? price per sq starts from Rs 1000 And goes up to 4000 while

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