GI Sheet Price in Pakistan (2024) – Latest Rates and Updates

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“Discover the latest GI sheet prices in Pakistan for 2024. Check out the detailed price list from 8 gauge to 28 gauge. Stay updated with the newest rates and trends.”

12 feet roofing sheet price in pakistan

galvanized sheet price in pakistan

sizeprice fiber shht
3/5 *6RS.=2300
Upvc Sheets, Tubular Roof & WallRS.=850
Fiber Cement Corrugated Sheets for RoofRs 2,300
corrugated sheet Gi sheet roofingRs 270

₨ 255.00 – ₨ 268.00 / KG

  1. Sheet Size: All Sizes
  2. Strength: 300 mpa
  3. Benefit: It provides a base for construction of larger materials
  4. Material: Mild Steel
  5. Usage: Safely Weldable, Construction
  6. Unit Cost: Available Per KG

18 gauge gi sheet weight in kg

18 gauge gi sheet weight in kg

Item #ThicknessThicknessSheet Weight per Unit Area
GS-8-16818 gauge0.1681 inches4.26974 mm7.031 lbs/ft²34.325342 kg/m²
GS-9-15329 gauge0.1532 inches3.89128 mm6.406 lbs/ft²31.274092 kg/m²
GS-10-138210 gauge0.1382 inches3.51028 mm5.781 lbs/ft²28.222842 kg/m²
GS-11-123311 gauge0.1233 inches3.13182 mm5.561 lbs/ft²27.148802 kg/m²
GS-12-108412 gauge0.1084 inches2.75336 mm4.531 lbs/ft²22.120342 kg/m²
GS-13-093413 gauge0.0934 inches2.37236 mm3.906 lbs/ft²19.069092 kg/m²
GS-14-078514 gauge0.0785 inches1.9939 mm3.281 lbs/ft²16.017842 kg/m²
GS-15-071015 gauge0.0710 inches1.8034 mm2.969 lbs/ft²14.494658 kg/m²
GS-16-063516 gauge0.0635 inches1.6129 mm2.656 lbs/ft²12.966592 kg/m²
GS-17-057517 gauge0.0575 inches1.4605 mm2.406 lbs/ft²11.746092 kg/m²
GS-18-051618 gauge0.0516 inches1.31064 mm2.156 lbs/ft²10.525592 kg/m²
GS-19-045619 gauge0.0456 inches1.15824 mm1.906 lbs/ft²9.305092 kg/m²
GS-20-039620 gauge0.0396 inches1.00584 mm1.656 lbs/ft²8.084592 kg/m²
GS-21-036621 gauge0.0366 inches0.92964 mm1.531 lbs/ft²7.474342 kg/m²
GS-22-033622 gauge0.0336 inches0.85344 mm1.406 lbs/ft²6.864092 kg/m²
GS-23-030623 gauge0.0306 inches0.77724 mm1.281 lbs/ft²6.253842 kg/m²
GS-24-037624 gauge0.0376 inches0.95504 mm1.156 lbs/ft²5.643592 kg/m²
GS-25-024725 gauge0.0247 inches0.62738 mm1.031 lbs/ft²5.033342 kg/m²
GS-26-021726 gauge0.0217 inches0.55118 mm0.9063 lbs/ft²4.4245566 kg/m²
GS-27-020227 gauge0.0202 inches0.51308 mm0.8438 lbs/ft²4.1194316 kg/m²
GS-28-018728 gauge0.0187 inches0.47498 mm0.7813 lbs/ft²3.8143066 kg/m²
GS-29-017229 gauge0.0172 inches0.43688 mm0.7188 lbs/ft²3.5091816 kg/m²
GS-30-015730 gauge0.0157 inches0.39878 mm0.6563 lbs/ft²3.2040566 kg/m²

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