gi sheet price in Pakistan – Lahore – Karachi – Rawalpindi rate update 2023

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Gi sheet, also known as galvanized steel sheet, is a type of steel sheet that has been coated with a layer of zinc. This coating helps to protect the steel sheet from corrosion and other forms of damage. In Pakistan, gi sheets are commonly used in a variety of construction and manufacturing applications, including the production of roofing, cladding, and structural steel products.

Gi sheets are made by first cleaning the steel to remove any dirt, oil, or other contaminants. The steel is then passed through a bath of molten zinc, which coats the surface of the steel and forms a layer of protection against corrosion. The zinc coating can be applied to both sides of the steel sheet, or just one side, depending on the intended use of the gi sheet.

Gi sheets are available in a range of thicknesses and sizes, and can be cut and formed into various shapes and sizes to meet the specific needs of a given project. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of steel, making them a popular choice for many construction and manufacturing projects in Pakistan

In summary, gi sheets are a type of steel sheet that has been coated with a layer of zinc to protect it from corrosion and other forms of damage. They are widely used in a variety of applications in Pakistan, including roofing, cladding, and structural steel products, and are known for their durability, strength, and cost-effectiveness.

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sizeprice fiber shht
3/5 *6RS.=2300
Upvc Sheets, Tubular Roof & WallRS.=850
Fiber Cement Corrugated Sheets for RoofRs 2,300
corrugated sheet Gi sheet roofingRs 270

₨ 255.00 – ₨ 268.00 / KG

  1. Sheet Size: All Sizes
  2. Strength: 300 mpa
  3. Benefit: It provides a base for construction of larger materials
  4. Material: Mild Steel
  5. Usage: Safely Weldable, Construction
  6. Unit Cost: Available Per KG

18 gauge gi sheet weight in kg

18 gauge gi sheet weight in kg

Item #ThicknessThicknessSheet Weight per Unit Area
GS-8-16818 gauge0.1681 inches4.26974 mm7.031 lbs/ft²34.325342 kg/m²
GS-9-15329 gauge0.1532 inches3.89128 mm6.406 lbs/ft²31.274092 kg/m²
GS-10-138210 gauge0.1382 inches3.51028 mm5.781 lbs/ft²28.222842 kg/m²
GS-11-123311 gauge0.1233 inches3.13182 mm5.561 lbs/ft²27.148802 kg/m²
GS-12-108412 gauge0.1084 inches2.75336 mm4.531 lbs/ft²22.120342 kg/m²
GS-13-093413 gauge0.0934 inches2.37236 mm3.906 lbs/ft²19.069092 kg/m²
GS-14-078514 gauge0.0785 inches1.9939 mm3.281 lbs/ft²16.017842 kg/m²
GS-15-071015 gauge0.0710 inches1.8034 mm2.969 lbs/ft²14.494658 kg/m²
GS-16-063516 gauge0.0635 inches1.6129 mm2.656 lbs/ft²12.966592 kg/m²
GS-17-057517 gauge0.0575 inches1.4605 mm2.406 lbs/ft²11.746092 kg/m²
GS-18-051618 gauge0.0516 inches1.31064 mm2.156 lbs/ft²10.525592 kg/m²
GS-19-045619 gauge0.0456 inches1.15824 mm1.906 lbs/ft²9.305092 kg/m²
GS-20-039620 gauge0.0396 inches1.00584 mm1.656 lbs/ft²8.084592 kg/m²
GS-21-036621 gauge0.0366 inches0.92964 mm1.531 lbs/ft²7.474342 kg/m²
GS-22-033622 gauge0.0336 inches0.85344 mm1.406 lbs/ft²6.864092 kg/m²
GS-23-030623 gauge0.0306 inches0.77724 mm1.281 lbs/ft²6.253842 kg/m²
GS-24-037624 gauge0.0376 inches0.95504 mm1.156 lbs/ft²5.643592 kg/m²
GS-25-024725 gauge0.0247 inches0.62738 mm1.031 lbs/ft²5.033342 kg/m²
GS-26-021726 gauge0.0217 inches0.55118 mm0.9063 lbs/ft²4.4245566 kg/m²
GS-27-020227 gauge0.0202 inches0.51308 mm0.8438 lbs/ft²4.1194316 kg/m²
GS-28-018728 gauge0.0187 inches0.47498 mm0.7813 lbs/ft²3.8143066 kg/m²
GS-29-017229 gauge0.0172 inches0.43688 mm0.7188 lbs/ft²3.5091816 kg/m²
GS-30-015730 gauge0.0157 inches0.39878 mm0.6563 lbs/ft²3.2040566 kg/m²

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