loader rickshaw 200cc price in Pakistan | loader rickshaw price in pakistan

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Chungki has launched its unique design rickshaw in Pakistan. Chunky Loader Rickshaw 200cc Price in Pakistan 2023 is discussed here. It is designed for loading purposes to transport goods or other things from one place to another. Earlier, the company had launched a 150cc loader rickshaw. This company has been operating in Pakistan for years and has launched various bikes and rickshaws so far. Here I am talking about the company’s newly launched loader rickshaw. Here we will discuss all the details and features of this rickshaw. The new model of this loader is very affordable for those who want to start their work with it. This rickshaw can be used instead of a pickup as it uses less fuel than a pickup. It will definitely compete with different models of pickups from different brands.

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Loader Rickshaws are small, three-wheeled vehicles commonly used for transportation in Pakistan. They are often used for short trips and to transport goods, and are particularly popular in urban areas. The Loader Rickshaw is powered by a 200cc engine and can seat two or three passengers. It is a relatively inexpensive and convenient mode of transportation and is often used as an alternative to walking or taking a taxi. Loader Rickshaws are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them well-suited for navigating crowded streets and narrow alleyways. They are also relatively fuel-efficient, making them an affordable option for those looking to save on fuel costs. Overall, the Loader Rickshaw is a popular and practical choice for transportation in Pakistan.

loader rickshaw 200cc price in Pakistan

Loader Rickshaw 200cc PricePKR=255, 000

A loader rickshaw, also called a three-wheeled scooter, is a motorized version of the traditional hand-pulled rickshaw. Loader rickshaws are used extensively in Asian countries, specifically Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, as well as in the African country of Senegal.

In recent years, loader rickshaws have become a popular mode of transport in many cities around the world, due to theirsimple design and low cost of ownership and operation. Loader rickshaws are typically powered by two-stroke gasoline engines, and can reach speeds of up to 30 kilometers per hour.

The average price of a new loader rickshaw in Pakistan is between Rs. 250000 to 260000.stan

Loader rickshaw 300cc Price in Pakistan

siwa louder 200cc specification

Engine type4 stroke water-cooled
Frond barkeDrum mechanical
Rear brakeDisk brake
transmission4 speed
Starting systemArm assy kick and self
Fuel tank capacity15 liter
Front Suspensionshokabsrebl
Front Suspension
betterVolt 150

New Asia Loader Rickshaw Pakistan Specifications:

Below are some of the specifications of this loader for the ease of buyers.

Back cabin size: length 6ft, width 4ft.
Single Front Tyre
Air-cooled engine
Loading Capacity: 1000kg
5-speed gear + reverse gear
Color: Metallic Red

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