Marble price in Pakistan | Sunny white marble price in Pakistan

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نیچے تمام قسم کے ماربل ریٹ لسٹ دیاگیا ہیں ۔

Marbles are a beneficial material for construction work. This has been used since ancient days. It is also made into tiles and flooring materials, which helps to create the natural feel of your home. There are many types of marbles, such as polished, glass, white, blue, pink, yellow, red, rosewood, and so on, which make up the whole range of marble. These marbles can be used for different purposes or they can be combined for decorative purposes. They come in many shapes and sizes: square, triangle, oval, round prism, octagonal, trapezoid, hexagonal, pentagonal, etc. You can get any size of marble anywhere you want but the major point is that they make your house look rich. We have mentioned some qualities of marble below.

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Marble Size and Form

Before buying anything, let’s see its shape and size. Most of the marbles come in various sizes, with the small size ranging from 0.55 inches (from the surface of the block) to 2.8 inches (one foot from the surface of the block). However, if you are going for bigger size marbles usually need to be measured by hand and experts help you take the measurements of the right dimension. If a marble is too big for you then don’t worry about it as this is unnecessary. But if it is too little then no worries since there are other things to deal with it

Colour of marble

There are several types of marble as well, there are some marbles that cannot be used for any construction work. Hence, you should first understand their color. For example, white marbles look great when they are set together, otherwise, it would give off a bad vibe to your place. Pink marble may not look good when it comes together with black marble, so avoid them altogether. The best way to choose which marbles are suitable for making a perfect design is to look at them under a magnifying glass, whether it looks like normal marbles or pink marbles.

So now that we have read those basics of marble, here’s how to find Marble in Pakistan. Let’s check out the top three places in Karachi where you will be able to get Marble in Pakistan.

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 type of marble in Pakistan

Choosing marble type is done in regard to your place or kitchen. stairs stages bedroom floor internal paths etc, Below are the most common types of marbles in the market in Pakistan،

1.   Tavera

2.   Verona

3.   Ziarat White

4.   Ziarat Grey

5.   Badal Grey

6.   Michael Angelo

7.   Flower

8.   Sunny Grey

9.   Zebra

10. Ziarat Grey

11. Granite

12. Botticino (Botticina 

sunny white marble price in Pakistan | marble price in Pakistan | Tavera marble price in Pakistan | Latest steel Price in Pakistan Today Updated July 6, 2022

Marble type and nameMarble Price list  square feet
Badal .marble  Rs. 42,
Tavera. marble  Rs. 50,
Flower, marble Rs. 70,
Sunny Grey marble Rs. 45.
Sunny White. mable Rs. 65.
Zebra. marble Rs. 50,
Ziarat Grey marble Rs. 65
Black Granite marble Rs. 500
China Verona marble Rs. 70
Black galaxy Rs. 1150
Botticino (boticina marble Rs. 95
Silky Black marble Rs. 65,
Tropical Grey marble Rs. 270

Kohat Fort

If you would like to buy marble in Pakistan then go to Kohat Fort of Karachi. When you enter this place, you will be able to see only two streets running through the area of Kohat Fort, one of them being the road that leads towards Jati Bazar and another through Zaman Park. This place has huge variety of marbles, both white and pink, which will make your dream home completely different from what you already had.

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Chittu Fort & Azad Memorial

In the Azad memorial, one can get a large choice of marbles and these marbles would make your interior decoration even more impressive. So, there you can buy white marbles, pink marbles, and blue marbles. From Keshab Chandra Bose Road to Chowk, if we speak to someone who visits these areas he/she can easily guess the colour of the marbles, either pink or white. In the Azad memorial, there are almost seven marbles and these marbles can be used for building something new.

Aqra Nagar Market

In the Aqra Nagar market, the biggest selection of marbles will be found here. These marbles will provide a perfect theme in your home. Some of the marbles we have listed below will not only provide a wonderful ambiance but will also help you to enhance it further.

Kaleem Mandi

If you are wondering about which kind of marbles you will be able to get in Karachi then here’s the answer. All kinds of marbles are available here. You will not be able to get just plain marbles but will be able to choose marbles according to the theme you want to design. So, if you would like to buy marble in Pakistan then go to Kaleem mandi.

Gorep Alhamdulillah Market

Group alhamdulillah market in Islamabad is one of the oldest markets in Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Here, you can browse every single type of marble there is. Of course, the popular type is marble powder. As a result, you should know the place as much as possible, as some marbles can damage other people, such as children, and pets.

Khalipara Mandi

Group Alhamdulillah market has lots of marbles and you can go anywhere, anytime, in order to get marbles for getting famous and unique décor. Also, marbles that are close to each other make a stunning appearance. Just ask anyone who visited Gorep alhamdulillah market

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