5 marla construction cost | 5 Marla House Construction in Pakistan: Costing and Important Details

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The construction cost of a 5-Marla house in Pakistan can vary depending on the city, type of house, materials used, and other factors. However, on average, it is estimated that the construction cost of a 5-Marla house in Pakistan will range from PKR 1.5 million to PKR 3.5 million. 

The cost of construction materials is one of the major factors that will affect the overall cost of a 5-Marla house. The cost of cement, steel, sand, masonry, and labor will all contribute to the final cost of the house. 

It is important to get accurate estimates for the cost of construction before starting a project. This will help you budget for the project and avoid any unforeseen expenses. In this article, we will provide you with an estimate for the construction cost of a 5-Marla house in Pakistan.

So, if you are planning to build your dream home, we have collected the complete cost of building a 5-Marla house in Pakistan.

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 Types of Construction materials

  •        Cement cost
  •         Steel cost
  •         Bajri cost
  •         Bricks cost
  •         Ghasu cost
  •         Labor cost
  •         Waterproof cost
  •        Steel chokhat cost
  •         Gate cost
  •         Grill cost
  •        Plumbing cost
  •        wiring cost

5 marla construction cost in Pakistan 2023

Cement cost52510,00525,000
Steel cost30,00 kg220660,000
Bajri cost500  c.feet80 c.feet45,000
Bricks cost50,00014700,000
Ghaso cost70,000
Labor cost2250390 per feet770,250
Waterproofing cost70,000
Steel chokhat cost80,000
Gate cost70,000
Grill cost 70,000
Plumbing cost120,000
wiring cost60,000
miscellaneous item100,000
Total cost –– 3,340,250

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If you are wondering how much will it cost to build your 5 Marla House in Pakistan 2022 in Gray Structure, then don’t worry, we have prepared a complete guide for you on 5 Marla House costs in Pakistan…


5 marla plot size in Pakistan | 5 marlas in square feet

In most areas of Pakistan, 1 marla is considered to be 225 feet. According to this calculation, the total area of 5 marlas is 1125 square feet. We are going to tell you the cost of a double-story house with a total area of 2250 square feet.

5 To build the structure of a Merle house, bricks, cement, concrete, steel, sand, gravel, and protective grills are required. Electrical wiring, plumbing, and main gate installation are also included in the gray structure costs.

5 marla labor cost in Pakistan

The estimated cost of building a house in 2022 varies between major cities in Pakistan. For a double-story 5-marla house, laborers will charge around Rs 390 per sq ft, which comes to a total of around Rs 770,250. This is the general labor cost and does not include labor costs for tiling, carpentry, plumbing, etc.

How many bricks are there in 5 Marla’s house? 5 marla bricks cost in Pakistan

About 50000 bricks are required for a 5-marla house. It depends on you which quality bricks you are using, in 2022 the rate of 1 brick is 14 rupees. According to this calculation, it will take about 700,000 lac rupees

Cost of Cement, Casu, and steel = PKR 1255,000

Kaso is mostly used to fill vacant plots and is clay and sand. A budget of around Rs 70,000 is required for Kaso while constructing a 5-Marla house in Pakistan.

When it comes to cement, which is one of the most important construction materials, you will need about 525 bags at the rate of PKR 1000 per bag to build a house. The total cost of cement for this project will be PKR 525,000.

Additionally, you will need about 3 tons (3,000 kg) of rebar or 60-grade steel to build a 5-marla house. The price of saria per kg is PKR 220 and the total cost of saria used will be PKR 660,000.

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Plumbing and wiring

The cost of constructing a 5-marla house also includes the costs of developing water supply, sewage, gas, and drainage systems. All this is called plumbing work. About PKR 120,000 is required for plumbing the house, including labor costs and materials.

Electrical wiring is also an important component in the construction of gray structures. About PKR 60,000 is required for wiring. It includes both labor costs and materials used.


Plumbing and wiring cost = PKR 180,000

Grills, gate and choggat steel

Steelwork is also included in the construction cost of a 5-marla house. For a 5 marla house, you will need 18 gauge chokhat steel, which will be used to make the door frames. It will cost around Rs 80,000.

Moreover, there should be safety grills on the windows of the house as well as on the main gate. You will need PKR 70,000 for 16 gauge grills and around PKR 70,000 for 16 or 18 gauge steel gates.

Cost of grills, gate, and shutter steel = PKR 216,000

The cost of waterproofing the roof of a 5-marla house is PKR 70,000.

Cost of miscellaneous items = PKR 100,000

If you include the above costs, the total cost of building a gray structure for a 5-marla house in 2022 will be PKR 3,340,250. After the basic structure is complete, we will move on to the finishing part.

Price of gray structure 5 marla houses 2023 = PKR 3,340,250

5 Marla House Completion Price in 2023


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