Desi month calendar 2024

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On this page, we are sharing with you Desi Months Calendar 2024. Names of Desi Mahin in Punjabi are also given. Today’s date according to the native month is given in the next section. According to Punjabi Calendar 2024 important days like Sangrand, Masya, Paniya, Dashmi, Panchami, Ekadashi etc. are also given.

There are 12 different seasonal months with different weather conditions that have a profound effect on plant life.

Today's date is May 22, 2024 . According to desi calendar, the desi month date today is: 11 Vaisakh
  • 1. Chat (March 14 to April 13)
  • 2. Vaisakhi (April 14 to May 14) • 3. Jeth (May 15-June 14)
  • 4. Har (June 15-July 15)
  • 5. Savon (July 16-August 15)
  • 6. Bhadwan (August 16-September 14)
  • 7. Asu (September 15-October 14)
  • 8. Cuttack (October 15-November 13)
  • 9. Maghar (November 14-December 13)
  • 10. Pooh (December 14-January 12)
  • 11. Magh (January 13-February 11)
  • 12. Phagon (February 12-March 13) 1. Chat (March 14 to April 13) 12. Phagon (February 12-March 13)

Chet (March 14-April 13)

This is the first month of the Desi calendar. It is a time of creation, the icy grip of winter ends and natural growth begins. Most other plants grow in this month of Chat. It is according to the season.

Vaisakhi (April 14 to May 14)

This is the second month of the Desi calendar. This month marks the beginning of the summer season, when the days get longer and warmer. Vesakh, the harvest month, will be shaded by many trees.

Jeth (May 15-June 14)

It is the third and hottest month of the year, its weather is warm and hot. For projects that require a warm environment, Jeeth is the month of their survival.

Harsh (June 15-July 15)

The month of Haar begins on June 15th and ends on July 15th, with you, June/July. During this month, the weather in Punjab is hot and the climate is hot and it is considered the hottest month of the year. Every season brings many colorful flowers and plants. Many plants grow in this season and make your garden look beautiful.

Savon (July 16-August 15)

The monsoon rains mark the beginning of the monsoon, also known as the rainy season. The whole world feels relief from cool air and rain in this month. This is the best time for plants to grow and plant new plants.

Bhadwan (August 16-September 14)

This month is during the monsoon season. It is a good time for plants and plants, the weather is neither cold nor hot in this month. This time is good for seed germination and plant growth.

Iso (September 15-October 14)

This month falls in the autumn season, marking the end of the monsoon season. Nights are cool and days are mild in this month, many seasonal flowers bloom in this month. This month is good for plant growth as the temperature is moderate and low in this month.

Katak (October 15-November 13)

This month comes with October/November, the rains and hot temperatures decrease in this month and the weather is very pleasant.

Maghar (November 14 to December 13)

Winter season begins in this month and most succulent plants go into their resting period. The weather is very pleasant in this month.

Pooh (December 14-January 12)

This month coincides with December and January and is 30 days long. It is also called the coldest month because of the snowfall. Many plants were brought indoors to protect them from cold or frost. Plants require very little water during this month.

Magh (January 13-February 11)

It is the eleventh month and the weather is cold in this month, this month symbolizes the coming spring. Many plants break their rest period in the last week of this month.

Phagaon (February 12-March 13)

It is the last month of the year, spring and the most favorite season of the year. It comes with a season of colorful flowers, plants and attractive landscape plants, the weather is pleasant.

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