gm cables price list 2023 | gm cable 3/29 wire price in pakistan

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gm cable price | gm cable price in Pakistan

 On this Page information on GM Cables Price List 2023in Pakistan 3/29, 7/29, 7/36, 7/44, 7/52,  7/64, and all size price lists given are published here on this page because it covers all aspects of cable. has gone The price reduction strategy of GM Cables is one of the most reliable aspects of Brand Pakistan which always attracts customers based on excellent quality. Gm Cable is a popular brand that has confirmed that it would like to take the best approach. Cable brands in Pakistan must be considered at large. There are many brands but GM cable is the most successful brand because Pakistani sellers of electrical accessories stick with this approach to know how they will react to the best way out. It’s all about best buys while buying or renting a house in Pakistan gm cable 7/29 wire price.

3/29 Gram Cables Price List 2023 is published on this page to find out how the price of electrical accessories in Pakistan is 1395 Pakistani Rupees. 7/29 Gm Cables Price List in Pakistan 2023 and Gram Cables Price 2023

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Cables are usually used as transmission lines between two points of different voltage or current. Their basic function is to transmit electric signals from one end to another and can be made of copper (copper-clad steel) or aluminum wiring.

gm cable price list updated October 2023

GM Cables TypesLengthPrice
3/0.2990mRs. 3602
7/0.2990mRs. 7830
1x1MM²90mRs. 2983
1×1.5MM²90mRs. 4028
1×1.5MM² (Stranded)90mRs. 4109
1×2.5MM²90mRs. 6213
1×2.5MM² (Stranded)90mRs. 6341
1x4MM²90mRs. 10593
1x6MM²90mRs. 15533
1x10MM²90mRs. 25745

12 feet roofing sheet

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Electrical cable: it is a type of wire center conductor in meters.

·        Type 3/29: 3/29 cable diameter

·        Type 7/29: 7/29 cable diameter

·        Type 7/36: 7/36 cable diameter

The list of GM Cables for the following dimensions is given below.

The page information is GM Cables Price List 2022 In Pakistan 3/29, 7/29, 7/36, 7/44, 7/52, 7/64 are published here on this page

GM Cables is the leading manufacturer of Cable in Pakistan. There are many models and types of Electrical Cables in Pakistan. We also have a wide range of engine cables.

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We have various lengths of cable and with various specifications to meet different needs

GM Cables Price List 2023 In Pakistan

Nominal Sectional Area of ConductorNumber and nominal size of wire (s)Redial Thickness of InsulationMean Overall diameter (upper limit)Approx. Net weight per 90 meters

A product price list is an important part of any business. It is the first thing a customer sees when they visit your site. Prices should look competitive and the information should be easy to find on your website, where it matters the most.

GM Cables Price List 2022 In Pakistan 3/29, 7/29, 7/36, 7/44, 7/52, and 7/64 are published here on this page for you to make the decision about which cable will use for better contacts in the future.

The most important thing to know is that cables are classified by the gauge (thickness) of the wire that it uses. The larger the size of the wire, the thicker it will be, and therefore, it will have a higher amp rating.

Does this refer to which cables in particular?

Pakistan is one of the leading suppliers of automotive cables in the world. GM Cables are an integral part of every car’s electrical system. These cables play a vital role in providing connection between different components like the starter, starter solenoid, headlights, and tail lights.

Industrial cables are used for power, control, and signal transmission in many industrial applications. It is difficult to find out the exact price of cables without checking the cable size charts.

Cables are used in every industry and electronic device. They conduct electricity, often carrying the information between two points.

Cable companies are an integral part of any company that deals with electronics. Their prices vary depending on the type of cable, the length, and various other factors.

There are many reasons to choose a cable company; price, quality, and availability come to mind immediately. A list of the top 10 cable companies in Pakistan for 2022 is given below:

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 The number of cable companies in Pakistan is very low. Paktelecom has a monopoly over the market in Pakistan and this may lead to a price increase in the future.

The number of cable companies in Pakistan is very low. Paktelecom has a monopoly over the market in Pakistan and this may lead to a price increase in the future. Prices are already on the higher side, if we keep relying on just one company then there might be an increase in prices as well as the quality of service will be below.

If we want to see fair competition, more cable companies should be allowed to offer their services so that prices can get reduced but quality maintained at an optimum level.


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