Shabbir Tiles 24×24 Price | price updated 12,December 2024

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Shabbir Tiles 24×24 Prices in Pakistan are available at a variety of different stores in the country. The price of Shabbir Tiles 24×24 is usually decided by the quality and the number of tiles that you buy. 

The prices for Shabbir Tiles 24×24 vary from store to store and it is advisable to compare prices before buying them from any store.

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Materials and Manufacturing Cost for Shabbir Tiles

The price of the tiles depends on the material used to make them. The tiles are made from various materials like marble, granite, and ceramics. The price of these materials also varies a lot depending on the quality and type of material used.

The cost of Shabbir tiles depends on its size, shape, and pattern. For example, a tile that is square in shape costs less than a tile that is rectangular in shape because it requires less material for its production. Similarly, a square tile with an intricate pattern will cost more than one with a simple pattern because it requires more time to create it.

Shabbir Tiles Price and Types

There are many types of Shabbir Tiles in Pakistan. The most popular ones are Shabbir Square Tiles.

The price of these square tiles varies depending on the size and quality that you want. You can buy them in bulk to get a better price.

Tiles TypeSizePrice
Stile EXL-025 Brown.10″x 20″Rs. 2456
Stile EXL-016 Grey.10″x 20″Rs. 2456
Ceramic L4218 Glossy Tiles.17ft by 17ftRs. 2500
Stile Modish Collection GM-005.24×24 inchesRs. 2736
Stile Modish Collection GM-00524×24 inches (2x2ft) PorcelainRs.20,700
Stile M-008 (1.08) Dark Grey.12×24 MTRs.27,00

Disclaimer Note

All prices are taken from the market. Invoice prices may differ from company prices. We do not sell PVC doors, we only provide pricing information to customers. So buy yourself from the market. If you are from a related company. And if you want to change these prices, please contact us

The best price of Shabbir tiles 24×24 price is Rs 2400 and the lowest price is Rs 900. . PVC tile prices are sourced from the most trusted online stores in Pakistan such as, and Accumulated prices were updated on February 07, 2023.

Where to Buy Shabbir Tiles?

Shabbir tiles are a very popular choice for many people. There are a few different places that you can buy these tiles from. You can find them near your store and daraz.

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